The LoveTac® Reach is a must-have frame that delivers a smile like no other! Picture your baby’s photo nestled inside a Sunflower or a bright Gerber Daisy. Turn styrofoam craft projects into works of art with a creative collage of frames. Or create a live arrangement with floral sponge. The LoveTac® Reach makes those projects you’ve only dreamed about a reality.

Features the LoveTac® contoured back with extended prongs for reaching deep and staying secure on soft, pierce-able objects. All LoveTac® frames are 1½” in size and fit a 1⅜” photo. The LoveTac® Reach is ideal for:

  • Flower Centers
  • Styrofoam Craft Projects
  • Floral Sponge
  • Baskets
  • Potted Plants
  • Let your imagination go wild...

Enlarge the images below to see the many ways LoveTac® Reach can turn your photos into tangible, beautiful and enduring keepsakes.

Add a charm to your LoveTac® to send an extra special message of love or congratulations.

Click to buy LoveTac® Reach for $11.95 or with a Charm for $16.95

Create your own one-of-a-kind LoveTac® by uploading your photo to size and print at home, or printed and framed by LoveTac® for an additional $1.99.