What Is LoveTac®


LoveTac® — Not Just a Frame, but A Whole New Perspective in Framing.

Imagine a photograph nestled inside a flower, wrapped around a candle or curved onto a glass vase. With LoveTac® your pictures can be displayed in places you never imagined possible. The first and only frame specially designed for curved surfaces. LoveTac® is an entirely new concept in framing. Its patented contours and array of backing options allow you to transform virtually any rounded surface or object into a cherished remembrance. Wine bottles, craft projects, centerpieces, gift baskets and so much more — LoveTac® opens endless possibilities to display and redisplay your photos.

All LoveTac® frames are 1½” in size and fit a 1⅜” photo.

Choose from 6 backing options:

  • LoveTac® CONNECT features a short-pronged back, for pierce-able items such as candles, floral containers, flower stems, trees and fruit.
  • LoveTac® REACH features a long-pronged back, ideal for reaching deep into soft pierce-able objects including the center of flowers, Styrofoam craft projects, floral sponge, potted plants and baskets.
  • LoveTac® ATTRACT features a magnetized back ideal for metal containers such as gift tins, flower buckets, pencil holders, architectural pipes and desk lamps.
  • LoveTac® STRETCH features high-end elasticized ribbon. Choose from luxurious Swiss-imported stretch velvet or MOKUBA shimmering stripe tape, ideal for hugging wine bottles, glassware, candles, Christmas ornaments, cylindrical gift boxes, terracotta planters and baskets. Available in small (3 ½” – 4 ½”), medium (4 ½” – 6”) and large (5”-7”).
  • LoveTac® TOUCH features an adhesive back ideal for non-pierce-able objects such as glass vases, bottles, marble and architectural columns. Also very useful in fine paper craft, for inspiration that sticks.
  • LoveTac® EMBRACE gives you the choice. It is similar to LOVETAC® STRETCH, but allows you to select and insert your own ribbon.

Personalize your LoveTac® further choosing one with a Charm to send an extra special message of love or congratulations.

Give your photos a life outside your camera. Create your own one-of-a-kind LoveTac® by uploading your photo to size and print at home, or printed and framed by LoveTac® for an additional $4.99.

LoveTac® — It’s a keeper!